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Now Available: RescueCopy 2.1

Backup your data quickly and reliably in a secure and automated solution.

  • Select your files or folders, define a storage place and go!
  • Define schedules to copy changes or full file set
  • Compress and encrypt your data for maximum protection
  • Large or locked files? No problem! You will be able to handle gigabytes and gigabytes of data and copy all open files
  • Handling a number of computers is easy with full remote control
  • Multiple storages and storage types per backup set
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Visit the special page www.rescuecopy.com

Windows VISTA compatible:



GIS - geographical information systems

Geografical information systems represent a complete solution for capture, edit, view and distribution of spatial data.  We offer a whole specter of ready made software solutions or new applications and systems on demand.

Please contact us for a presentation of references and software application options.